• Academy ‘defender’ completes Ranger Assessment Course

    A long, silent line of men march in darkness late one night in October on a training range at Creech Air Field, Indian Springs, Nev., carrying 60 to 70 pounds of tactical gear under the blaze of a starry sky.Senior Airman Joseph Massoglia, a 10th Security Forces Squadron evaluator at the Academy, marches with them. There is little sound but the
  • Taking care of Airmen: How Air Force mental health services helped an Academy leader

    Chief Master Sgt. Max Grindstaff, the Academy's command chief, said taking advantage of Air Force mental health support services helps him cope today with the deaths of nine Americans he served with in Kabul, Afghanistan."I sought counseling because I needed it," the chief said. "If I feel like I still need it, I'm going back. I owe it to my fellow
  • Academy's international programs bring education, diversity to life

    International education programs not only allow Academy cadets here to study different languages and cultures in different pockets of the world, but also allow them to cultivate foreign relationships that track back 45 years.Through the Office of International Programs (DFIP) in the Academy's foreign languages department, cadets can apply to
  • Academy cadets work to improve airdrop accuracy, aircrew communication

    When Academy cadets become pilots, engineers or logisticians, they will know their research here helped make several positive changes for aircrews, their planes and ground troops.Cadets and faculty in the Behavioral Sciences and Management Departments are working to improve air support crew communication and the accuracy of airdrops through
  • Academy grad pulls first missile alert

    (This feature is part of the "Through Airmen's Eyes" series on AF.mil. These stories focus on a single Airman, highlighting their Air Force story.)Every career begins with a first day on the job. Everyone has been the newbie at some point.So it goes in the world of nuclear deterrence.Early October, 2nd Lt. Holley Macpherson, a 320th Missile
  • 'Miracle on the Hudson' pilot sits down with cadets

    Retired US Airways Capt. Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, who saved 155 lives on Flight 1549 after a heroic emergency landing on the Hudson River in 2009, visited the Academy Oct. 20 to hear cadets' thoughts on veteran care.Sullenberger, Class of '73, asked 10 cadets to share their perspectives on the challenges and perception of veterans today, and
  • Cyber cadet balances competition, life

    For Cadet 1st Class Kevin Cooper, cyber competitions are every bit as rewarding as flying."Pilots get this adrenaline rush, but then it's over," he said. "With cyber competitions, you stay busy - it lasts; it's challenging all the time."The Academy senior has been a star performer in the Academy's cyber competition, placing 12th in the National
  • Experiment seeks to take leadership lessons outside classroom

    Many a third-year cadet has asked about the point of learning leadership from a book in a classroom. Now the Behavioral Sciences and Leadership Department is looking to make its leadership course more relevant by moving the lessons out of the classrooms and into the cadet squadrons.The goal of the new experiential learning course, Behavioral
  • Coyote watch: Don't feed top-level predator, Academy experts say

    Coyote sightings on base will likely increase due to dwindling daylight hours and young coyotes separating from their family groups this time of year, according to Academy experts.As the Academy maintains a stable and healthy coyote population, staff and residents need to keep their distance from the top deer fawn predator and not feed wildlife
  • Cadet competes in international design competition

    Cadet 4th Class Dominic Celiano was not like most fourth class cadets in January.Instead of counting down the days until Recognition, he attended the Air Force Academy's Automata Club meetings where he learned about the Digilent Design Contest, a competition where students present their digital design or electrical engineering projects to industry