• Civil Air Patrol's top cadet adapts to Air Force Academy life

    A few months into his freshman year at the Air Force Academy, the Civil Air Patrol's 2014 national cadet of the year has settled in nicely.Cadet 4th Class Hunter Ward received the award during the CAP National Conference in Las Vegas Aug. 16, but he found out in May that he'd been selected."I was just speechless," he said. "It was unreal. I knew I
  • Peak Performance Center creates safe spaces for cadets

    The staff at the Academy's Peak Performance Center wants cadets to feel at ease the minute they walk through the door. Chairs, small sofas and a large-screen TV adorn the open, well-lit waiting room on the second floor of Sijan Hall. Water trickles down a fountain in the back of the room, creating a calm ambience. The message is clear: No matter
  • Cadet for a Day: Academy welcome local boy, 7, into Cadet Wing

    Cadet Squadron 30 now has a new addition to their ranks: Benny Remmer.Benny, of Monument, might seem a bit young to be admitted to the Academy, but his perseverance in coping with Burkitts lymphoma made him the perfect candidate to join CS-30's ranks and experience the Academy's Cadet for a Day program. Benny's parents, Randy and Laurie Remmer, and
  • Academy Chemistry Dept. agreement brings new elements to the table

    Academy officials say a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement between the Chemistry Research Center here and a local corporation could lead to big success in the future.The agreement with Chromatic Technologies Inc. in Colorado Springs started when the company donated materials to the Chemistry Department lab curricula connecting chemical
  • Staying alive: Combatives course equips cadets with fighting skills

    An Academy combatives course not only provides cadets with hands-on training to survive combat, but arms them with the skill and confidence to protect themselves in everyday life.The three-part course is a graduation requirement for cadets and teaches them basic moves of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, wrestling and catch wrestling, a mixture of
  • Academy History club cadets visit retirement community, meet veterans, former Academy officials

    Academy History Club cadets met nearly 40 World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War veterans at a local retirement community Sept. 6. The 12 cadets had lunch with a group that included retired Brig. Gen. Jesse Gatlin, prior English Department head and permanent professor, and retired Lt. Gen. Winfield Scott, the Academy's 10th superintendent, at the
  • The results of research: Summer research programs lead to permanent partnerships

    Every summer, cadets give up their vacation to spend time in government, Defense Department and industry laboratories. In at least two cases, success during the summer equals continuing partnerships at the Academy even after the cadets involved graduate and become second lieutenants. One of those projects is an 18-month study between the
  • Cadets respond to emergency on Manitou Incline

    You can take cadets off the Air Force Academy, but you can't take the Air Force Academy out of a cadet.Cadets 3rd Class Brianna Ramey and Patrick Casa went to the Manitou Incline on Aug. 16, looking to spend their "leg day" working out off campus, but they ended up saving a young hiker's leg instead.Ramey and Casa had just reached the Incline's
  • Falcon hockey shares rink with wounded vets

    For the last six weekends, Falcon icers have aimed not just to woo fans or gain a trophy, but to have a positive impact on local wounded veterans. Through the Cadet Service Leadership Program, part of the Center for Character and Leadership Development's integration and outreach directorate, about 15 hockey players voluntarily spent two to three
  • 'No excuse not to get out': Outdoor Rec outfits Airmen for great outdoors, winter programs

    The Academy is crosshatched with hiking trails and ribbed with hills bicyclist dreams are made of. It's only a short drive from whitewater rafting, ski slopes and rock climbing. For some, this information is useless, but for many of the outdoor enthusiasts stationed here, it's a dream come true. For those working at the Academy Outdoor Recreation