• Making an 'ImPACT': USAFA works to mitigate concussions

    More than 250,000 student athletes visit the emergency room every year with head injuries, and tens of thousands of service members are coping with brain injuries from concussions suffered in the line of duty.Both those groups will benefit from a $30 million collaborative study between the NCAA and the Defense Department designed to enhance safety
  • Natural resources manager works to keep the 'Fabric of the Academy'

    After 35 years as a U.S. forester, Academy natural resources manager Diane Strohm is no amateur when it comes to fire intelligence and forest protection. Strohm is from Vermont; she's been in charge of forest management and wild land fire prevention here for 10 years, managing forest thinning and restoration, fuel mitigation, Bark beetle control,
  • New ESET training to wrap up next week

    This summer, cadets here have been cycling through a new and improved Expeditionary Survival and Evasion Training requiring fewer hours in the classroom and more days in the field. Since May 31, roughly 1,000 sophomores have been participating in combat scenarios at Jacks Valley and across the Academy to prepare for combat and non-combat survival
  • A fond farewell: Brig. Gen. Evan Miller preps for assignment in Hawaii

    Throughout Brig. Gen. Evan Miller's Air Force career, he's always set an alarm clock for work --until he arrived here last summer.For the past year, while helping reshape the Academy's decreasing budget under stringent federal constraints, restoring the airmanship program and writing the initial draft of the Academy's Essence document, Miller, a
  • Developing world connections: Cadets journey to Cambodia results in hard work, new friendships

    Building latrines in a tropical climate within mere feet of a pig sty might not seem a good tradeoff for summer leave from the Air Force's Academy, but five cadets did just that and more in Cambodia.Cadets Dylan Juedeman, Winston Sanks, Luke Stensberg, Annie Von Seggern and Hansena Vangen enrolled in the Academy's Cultural Immersion Program to
  • USAFA's new command chief reports for duty

    Chief Master Sgt. Maxwell Grindstaff is still busy processing into the Academy and organizing the home he shares with Millie, his wife of 25 years and best friend of 30 years -- but by all indications, he'd much rather be out and about, visiting Airmen and cadets.The Academy's new command chief did just that while taking a Tuesday morning stroll
  • Integrity, Service, Excellence: Basic cadets speak out on Air Force core values

    U.S. Air Force Academy Public Affairs staff recently asked five basic cadets, all currently taking part in Basic Cadet Training at the U.S. Air Force Academy, for their perspective on  on the Air Force core Values. They had a lot to say."Just being around all the cadet (cadre) and basic cadets and interacting with them has really brought the
  • BCT 2014: Cadre prepares basic cadets for their Air Force journey

    Over 1,000 basic cadets are enduring strenuous military exercises, inspections and familiarization tests comprising Basic Cadet Training -- and hundreds of upper-class cadets are training and encouraging them every step of the way.As the Class of 2018 pushes through BCT, approximately 400 juniors and seniors here are training them during First
  • Role-playing: Preparing victim advocates for demanding task

    Maria Moreno wanted nothing to do with Master Sgt. Heather Shelton, her victim advocate, in the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response office here. Moreno, playing the role of a cadet, slumped into a chair, arms folded, her glare tossing daggers at the floor."I didn't want anything to be reported, and some stupid classmates blurted out about it,"
  • By cadets, for cadets: Maj. Gen. Lengyel reflects on USAFA's culture of commitment

    Maj. Gen. Gregory Lengyel may be scheduled to hand over responsibilities as commandant of cadets to Brig. Gen. Stephen Williams here Tuesday, but he says he'll always be concerned with how Academy staff and the Air Force at-large works to instill commitment in cadets.Lengyel said his No. 1 priority since taking on the mantle of commandant in early