• Med Group NCO 'STEP's up a notch

    Tech. Sgt. Paige Hanson's promotion Jan. 28 was so big, it was written in all-caps.The newly minted Master Sgt. Hanson received the coveted Stripes for Exceptional Performers promotion at a ceremony in the 10th Medical Group clinic. STEP recipients' promotion takes effect immediately, and the promotion is limited to one per base per year.So yeah,
  • Cadets honor Challenger's memory; some can never forget

    On the surface, it was a reveille ceremony like any other. Cadets were lined up in formation waiting for the first note to sound. The honor guard was in place prepared to hoist the flag. And a bugler was standing by waiting for his queue. However, this was anything but a typical reveille ceremony. The more than 4,000 cadets on hand were there to
  • Oasis offers refuge from Academy life

    Cadets can always use a place to get away from the breakneck pace of academics, athletics and military training. The chaplains have such a place: the Oasis, situated on the Terrazzo level of Sijan Hall, where cadets can come together to hang out, cook or even study for a few hours a night.Painted above the doors between the Oasis and the chaplains'
  • Academy Band, Japanese composer open 'New Doors'

    Author Helen Keller once wrote, "When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us." Chie Imaizumi cites Ms. Keller's quote as inspiration for "Opening New Doors," a piece she began composing in October 2010 and rehearsed with the Air Force Academy
  • 'Wings of Honor' crew films Academy cadets

    When the doolies of Cadet Squadron 10 arrived for in-processing, the unexpected was waiting for them. And so were the cameras.Little did these Academy newbies know, they were about to become movie stars, the cast in a documentary called "Wings of Honor." The rigors of Basic Cadet Training, the culture shock, the transformation of these youngsters
  • On a national stage: Cadet Chorale sings at BCS championship

    Five minutes to go, four, three, two, one minute left. "Everybody line up!" Two blue lines form, last minute adjustments to uniforms take place, "Give your jacket a good pull before you head out, makes it look sharp." Hair in place, ties straight, remember where to stand? Just like we practiced -- OK, it's time to walk. Two lines trail out from the
  • Niagara-based Airman may become AFA cadet

    An aerospace ground equipment apprentice with the 914th Maintenance Squadron will visit the Air Force Academy Jan. 13-15 to visit and possibly be accepted into the prestigious military school.Senior Airman Magdalena Torres will attend a three-day "Leaders Encouraging Airman Development Diversity Visitation Program" at the Academy.The Academy and
  • Records detail MiG kill by 'Diamond Lil' tail gunner

    If the Air Force Academy's landmarks could speak, the B-52 Stratofortress near the north gate would have quite the Christmas Eve story to tell.The crew of the B-52D, tail number 55-083, took off from Utapao Royal Thai Naval Airfield that day in 1972. Their mission was to bomb the North Vietnamese railroad yards at Thai Nguyen as part of Operation
  • 10 things you didn't know about: Nathan Walker

    If you followed Falcon Football this year, you know about senior fullback Nathan Walker, who stepped up this season to fill the shoes of injured fullback Jared Tew. Cadet Walker, a native of Colorado Springs, Colo., got the start after Tew broke his fibula in the San Diego State game Oct. 16. In the games that followed, Walker rushed for 453 yards
  • AF's top female triathlete seeks Olympic gold

    The Air Force's female athlete of 2010 never thought a suggestion from a friend at the Air Force Academy would point her to a sport that would take her to professional status with a shot at the Olympics.First Lt. Kathy Rakel, the chief of intel readiness for the 56th  got her first introduction to triathlons when she entered the Academy but