• Community flocks to Fire Dept. open house

    Spectators came to the Academy in droves Saturday to attend the Academy Fire Department's annual open house at Fire Station No. 1.The weather for the event couldn't have been better, and families soaked up rays, free goodies and leisure time.Most of the spectators for the skill demonstrations sat in the shaded portions of the grassy slope outside
  • Could e-books lighten cadets' loads?

    Cadets who currently lug around bags stuffed with bulky books may one day be able to lighten their loads considerably.Curriculum directors here plan to explore the possibility of replacing traditional textbooks with e-books, but while the idea has loads of intriguing potential, it also carries some drawbacks.As the Academy proceeds with the e-book
  • New cadets learn about 'Sex Signals'

    Fourth-class cadets might have felt a little higher on the Academy totem pole for an hour and a quarter the evening of Aug. 13.The Class of 2014 attended the "Sex Signals" theatrical presentation, which is part of the Academy's training to raise awareness about sexual assault.It cast an examining eye on the often-confusing gray area surrounding
  • Cadet Wing goes back to school

    Most college students are familiar with shopping for books, hitting the library and studying in dorm rooms after class. But how many college students run to class, march in formation to lunch or have their dormitories inspected on weekends?At the Air Force Academy, the answer is, about 4,400.Before cadets here learn anything else, they have to
  • Avoid Academy's 'bad news' bears

    Bear sightings near the Terrazzo and Cadet Area on base have increased in recent weeks, and Academy officials ask Academy staff and visitors to be cautious.Like the students, the bear is right on schedule: August is when cadets go back to hitting the books and bears start hitting the buffet table."They got one thing on their minds, and that's
  • Prep School Class of 2011 joins Academy family

    The Air Force Academy's Preparatory School is a microcosm of the cadet area. A small handful of buildings a stone's throw from the Community Center and main Fitness Center house, feed and train about 240 prospective members of the Class of 2015, a diverse group that includes young adults just out of high school as well as Airmen with prior enlisted
  • Academy hosts Rocky Mtn. State Games events

    Sixteen-year-old goalkeeper Scott Mende drove five hours with his team for the Rocky Mountain State Games, partly because the field at the Academy is so well kept."I'm the keeper, so sometimes I have to get used to playing in some torn up goal boxes. But that hasn't been a problem here," Scott said. "They have good facilities, so we don't have to
  • Third trip's a charm for Academy's new chief scientist

    Col. Brent Richert knows his way around science as well as he knows his way around the Air Force Academy: like an old pro.A self-described "physics geek," Colonel Richert is just starting his third stint at the Academy. First he was a cadet, then a professor. Now the Arkansas native is the new chief scientist, putting him in charge of a $55-million
  • Airmen, cadets get 'tattooed' in England

    Several Airmen from the Air Force Academy recently spent a couple of days getting tattooed -- and they traveled all the way to England for it.If that revelation conjures up images of ink, needles and skin, picture instead military aircraft, awed spectators and skies over the British Isles. This Tattoo was actually an airshow. Not just any airshow,
  • Medic earns Bronze Star, Army Achievement Medal

    When Capt. Tess Marcial arrived in Paktia province, Afghanistan, as part of a medical embedded training team, her responsibilities weren't immediately clear.She found out soon enough, and she ended up fulfilling them so well that her six-month deployment was crowned with two awards, a Bronze Star and an Army Achievement Medal. Earning two