• Cadet Squadron 04 AMT gets new stripe for the new year

    An Academy Military Training NCO with Cadet Squadron 04 here got a surprise gift Dec. 22: a new stripe for the new year.The surprise came for now-Master Sgt. Bryant Ward during a meeting with Commandant of Cadets Brig. Gen. Samuel Cox and members of the commandant's staff. The topic of cadet disenrollment packages came up, and General Cox had asked
  • Physics really is 'phun': Program aims to turn kids onto science

    Exploding hot dogs, the shock of a human electrical circuit and making lightning are all, well, "awesome!" in the mind of West Elementary third grader Annione Platten.Two Air Force Academy instructors, Capts. Evelyn Schumer and Justin Spring, visited Annione and his third-, fourth- and fifth-grade classmates Dec. 4 to put on a show as part of the
  • Writing is in English instructor's bones

    An instructor with the Air Force Academy's English and Fine Arts Department just can't get enough of his job.Capt. Jesse Goolsby has written several poems and short stories and has been published and recognized through such awards as the 2009 John Gardner Memorial Award in Fiction. His newest work, "Thirteen Steps," is scheduled to be published
  • Academy's newest sound began 'In the Stairwell'

    If it weren't for restrictions on where fourth-class cadets can and can't wander, one a cappella group might not exist -- at least not with their current name."In the Stairwell" was born when members of the Air Force Academy's Class of 2007 had to find a location for freshmen who enjoyed singing together. The name came from where the group met for
  • Marshall Scholar to focus on Latin America

    Not only is Cadet 1st Class Austin McKinney at the top of his class academically, he is the Academy's newest Marshall Scholar.The management major with a minor in Spanish will attend the University of London next year to begin pursuing two master's degrees, one in Latin American studies and another in globalization and Latin American
  • Academy cadet on the road to Oxford

    The Air Force Academy's newest Rhodes Scholar said she visited several schools in her search for a university but could not pass up the sense of purpose she felt here."I was greatly impressed by the honor code and the feeling of family among the cadets that I visited," said Cadet 1st Class Brittany Morreale. "I thirsted to be part of an institution
  • Cadet Squadron 23 repeats as Commandant’s Challenge champs

    Cadet Squadron 23 scored its second straight win for the top spot overall in the Commandant's Challenge this year. The annual event Nov. 21-23 pitted squadron against squadron in competitions testing the Cadet Wing's physical, intellectual and mental fitness. Cadets were outbriefed Nov. 23 in Clune Arena before the long-awaited Thanksgiving
  • Cadet Squadron 31 brings smiles to Cadet for a Day

    For Hannah Marklin, 16, and the Academy's newest Cadet for a Day, it was a weekend packed with tours, football, aviation, demonstrations and hanging out with some 100 new friends.Hannah, her parents and friend Evan Simon, visited the Academy Nov. 12 through 14 and were feted by Cadet Squadron 31."All the cadets we hung out with were my favorite
  • CSU's 'A'

    It has been 30 years. Hopefully, the statute of limitations has expired on any crimes we may have committed. Maybe it hasn't, however. Most of my unindicted co-conspirators, perhaps intending to remain so, managed to ignore my recent letters asking for inputs. Those few hapless compatriots I was able to contact conveniently couldn't remember
  • Academy physicists probe mystery of 'black silicon'

    Physicists here are researching new, more cost-efficient ways to create a substance that could make solar energy cheaper to produce. Dr. Michael Shaffer and retired Lt. Col. Jody Mandeville are using nanosecond bursts from a 200-milliJoule pulsed laser in the Academy's Physics Department to produce black silicon, which is made by treating silicon