• Remembering Inprocessing: 'Just take a little off the top'

    For most of the Class of 2013, as for classes before them, in-processing represents a culture shock like none before it. One event that produces an immediate result in this vein is the haircut station, where military style is imposed on basic cadets. Basic cadets shuffled in from the hallway, relaxing for the few minutes before they were relieved
  • Remembering Inprocessing: Footprints -- the first impression

    "Get off my bus!" It's the last command the Basic Cadets of 2013 heard before stepping into the next phase of their lives. Although many may have been relieved to get off the bus, they had no idea what was awaiting them. One basic expressed his relief to "finally get away from that bus," but little did he know what was to come. With 10 or more
  • Remembering Inprocessing: 'Twas the ride of their lives

    After the final tears and hugs were exchanged at Doolittle Hall, the Class of 2013 boarded the buses that carried them to the start of their Air Force careers. Once the newly appointed class boarded the buses their military lives began. Seeing others' nervous faces, the basics began their first step of bonding. As a future Academy class, they would
  • Remembering Inprocessing: Day 1 included saying 'goodbye'

    June 25, 2009, marked the beginning for more than 1,300 new cadets of the Class of 2013. The beginning of Basic Cadet Training is an enormous shift for the new members of the Long Blue Line, and the impact was visible on all of their faces. Expressions showed anxious anticipation, hope and a fear of the unknown. The same emotions, evident in the
  • AFSC Spotlight: Engineer par-excellence

    The Academy's Field Engineering and Readiness Laboratory maintains activities throughout the year. It's where you'll find the FERL superintendent and facility manager bridging the gap between theory and practice for cadets. It's a build first, design later, hands-on environment. The Civil Engineering 351 "FERL" program is for cadets majoring in
  • Cadets relish sweet revenge over Army

    They didn't get mad. They got even, and then some. Twelve cadets on an Operation Air Force trip in Southwest Asia were out for revenge at the state of the second grudge match. The cadets were defeated by a mere second in the first 7-mile relay. Before the first contest, the cadets had been traveling for more than 20 hours on the journey from Denver
  • Patenting the Future: Academy physicist develops satellite imaging technology

    From childhood, most remember singing the song, "Twinkle, twinkle, little star," at one time or another. There's just one problem with this little ditty. "Stars don't twinkle," said Dr. Geoff Andersen, a physicist at the U.S. Air Force Academy. "This is just the effect of atmospheric turbulence on our ability to see into space." This turbulence not
  • Golfer's life packed with flying, family

    Academy Superintendent Lt. Gen. Mike Gould, his father Carl Gould, and 103 members of the Eisenhower Men's Golf Association were among those who teed off for the Vic Kregel Championship on the Eisenhower Golf Course here Aug. 20. A luncheon followed the 18-hole match in the club house. Named as winner of the championship was John Sova. The guest of
  • Families blessed with nearly two decades of compassion

    For nearly two decades one Academy member has possibly brought more comfort, compassion and peace to hurting families than any other individual. She is a "behind the scenes" kinda girl who doesn't feel comfortable under a spotlight. For those whom she's served, however, she's been a bright and shining star who's provided light and hope for hundreds
  • Get Out and Go: City's oldest park a free, fun, cool getaway

    North Cheyenne Cañon Park has welcomed human visitors for more than 10,000 years. That includes Ute American Indians who wandered into the area, then miners, ranchers and prospectors, and today Colorado Springs' residents and tourists seek out the cool, sparkling creeks and abundance of shade. The park is anchored on the south by Starsmore