• The Contrails: Aircraft, Weapons Systems: F-16A/B/C/D Fighting Falcon

    Manufacturer: Lockheed MartinFunction: Multirole FighterService Date: 1979Speed: 1,500 mphCrew: One (A/C), Two (B/D)Production: 2,206 Inventory: 1,018Commentary: A versatile, low-cost multirole fighter originally designed as a daylight air superiorityfighter. Later versions specialized in suppression of enemy air defenses (SEAD), and air-to-surface
  • The Contrails: Aircraft, Weapons Systems: F-15E Strike Eagle

    Manufacturer: McDonnell DouglasFunction: Air-to-Ground Attack AircraftService Date: 1988Speed: 1,875 mphCrew: TwoProduction: 236Inventory: 219Commentary: A heavily modified, two-seat, dual-role variant of the F-15, with weaponssystems integrated for all-weather deep interdiction missions and as air-to-air combat. During Desert Storm, 48 USAF F-15Es
  • The Contrails: Aircraft, Weapons Systems: F-15A/B/C/D Eagle

    Manufacturer: McDonnell Douglas, now BoeingFunction: Tactical FighterService Date: 1974 Speed: 1,875 mphCrew: One (A/C), Two (B/D) Production: 874 Inventory: 249Commentary: F-15 fighters deployed to Desert Storm accounted for 34 of the 37 USAF air-to-airvictories, and in Iraqi Freedom F-15Cs' led coalition aircraft in maintaining aerial dominance.
  • The Contrails: Aircraft, Weapons Systems: E-8C Joint STARS

    Manufacturer: Northrop GrummanFunction: AirborneBattle Management Service Date: 1997Speed: 587 mphCrew: 22 Production: 18 Inventory: 16Commentary: A modified Boeing 707-300 series equipped with a long-range air-to-ground radar capable of locating, classifying, and tracking vehicles moving on Earth’s surface out to distances in excess of 124 miles. 
  • The Contrails: Aircraft, Weapons Systems: E-4B

    Manufacturer: BoeingFunction: Airborne Operations CenterService Date: 1980Speed: 602 mph Crew: Up to 112Production: 4 Inventory: 4Commentary: Serves as the National Airborne Operations Center for the President, Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. This aircraft provides a highly survivable, command, control, and communications center
  • The Contrails: Aircraft, Weapons Systems: E-3B/C/G Sentry (AWACS)

    The E-3B/C/G Sentry (AWACS)Manufacturer: Boeing, Northrup Grumman, Lockheed MartinFunction: AirborneBattle Management, Command And Control ervice Date: 1975Speed: 360 mphCrew: 17-23Production: 34Inventory: 32Commentary: Heavily modified Boeing 707-320B aircraft, fitted with an extensive complement of mission avionics providing all-weather air
  • The Contrails: Aircraft, Weapons Systems: C-130 Hercules

    Manufacturer: LockheedFunction: TheaterTactical AirliftModified Functions:Tanker, Special Operations, Reconnaissance,Airborne Command Post, Special MissionService Date: 1956Speed: 366 mphCrew: FiveProduction: 2,200+ Inventory: 428Commentary: Basic and specialized versions of the C-130 Hercules transport operate throughout USAF, performing diverse
  • The Contrails: Aircraft, Weapons Systems: C-40B/C Clipper

    Manufacturer: BoeingFunction: High-Priority Personnel TransportService Date: 2003Speed: 530 mphCrew: TenProduction: 19 Inventory: 11Commentary: Most common users of the C-40B are combatant commanders and members of the Cabinet and Congress. Communication is paramount, so aircraft is equipped with broadband data/video transmit/receive along with
  • The Contrails: Aircraft, Weapons Systems: C-37A Gulfstream V

    Manufacturer: Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.Function: Special Air MissionsService Date: 1998Speed: 600 mphCrew: FiveProduction: 191 Inventory: 9Commentary: Capable of cruise operations from 41,000 to51,000 feet. Includes enhanced weather radar, autopilot andultra-modern heads up display. Equipped with bothcommercial and military communications
  • The Contrails: Aircraft, Weapons Systems: C-32

    Manufacturer: Boeing CompanyFunction: High-Priority Personnel TransportService Date: 1998Speed: 530 mphCrew: 16Production: 6 Inventory: 4Commentary: Primary user of this aircraft is the vice president, using the callsign “Air ForceTwo.” Aircraft includes a communications center, galley, fully-enclosed stateroom, and a conference and staff facility.