• Coordinated effort provides '3 squares' for 4,000 cadets

    How 200 or so food service staff members in Mitchell Hall manage to prepare, serve and clear 4,600 breakfasts, 4,500 lunches and up to 3,800 evening meals for hungry cadets during the school year is neither a mystery nor a miracle. "It's a system and a system that works," said dietician Shelly Morales. Veronica Vela, assistant food services chief,
  • Sisters bring unique talents to Academy

    Three daughters. Three sisters. Three in the U.S. Air Force Academy's long blue line. Second Lt. Amanda Tamosuinas, Class of 2008, joined sister Cadet 2nd Class Alexis Tamosuinas Wednesday to welcome their sister Cadet 4th Class Ava Tamosuinas into the Cadet Wing during Acceptance ceremonies on Stillman Field. The more senior Tamosuinas sisters
  • Get Out and Go: Garden of the Gods a mix of geology, biology, culture

    Two Colorado surveyors set out to locate the site for a new town, to be named Colorado City, in 1859. During their scouting ventures, the two came upon an astounding area of sandstone formations. One surveyor suggested it would be a "capital place for a beer garden." The other replied, "Beer garden? Why, this is a fit place for the gods to
  • USAFA Downrange: Academy medic experiences life-changing moments

    An Academy medical technician with two years in the Air Force has found herself supporting U.S. Special Forces in Afghanistan's western Uruzgan and North Helmand provinces. "I volunteered for this deployment," said Airman 1st Class Sabrina Hibbens, who is deployed from the 10th Medical Group here. "I always say that you can't just let things
  • Old Glory's stars, Airmen's stripes enhance Rockies' home opener

    More than 60 Academy enlisted members joined other Colorado-based military members, as well as Denver police and firefighters, in a patriotic tribute during the Colorado Rockies 2009 season home opener at Coors Field in Denver April 10. The U.S. military's rendition of the Mile High salute was provided by a combination of Soldiers from Fort Carson,
  • Clouds lift for Cadet for a Day

    For eight years, Academy cadets have been making wishes come true for ill youngsters. They made it happen again April 9 through Saturday when Joe Hayford, 13, became the newest Cadet for a Day through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. "His eyes were huge, and he never quit smiling," said Wish volunteer Maggie Appenzeller. Accompanying Joe was his
  • Cadet jamboree bigger, better than ever

    Academy Concerts pulled no punches Wednesday evening by delivering a knock-out 2009 Cadet Jamboree, the biggest in the event's 14-year history, on the Terrazzo May 20. Some 80 cadets from the cadet entertainment club and members of the cadet wing helped support with load in, game support and clean-up. A host of entertainment featured four bands
  • Assignment Vietnam: Returning remains is Job 1

    Past Vietnam recovery specialist Master Sgt. Greg Meinert returned to the Academy in mid-April from scouring jungle sites. "This has been going on for a very long time, not only for the Vietnam War but back to WWII," said the Academy aircraft flight equipment noncommissioned in charge. "They have a lot of information about missions and their
  • Gridiron guru gets teamwork lesson, Academy style

    Most would agree there's very little a two-time Super Bowl-winning NFL head coach could be taught about the critical nature of teamwork. But Mike Shanahan, head coach of the 1998 and 1999 Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos, might disagree after his personal experience concerning a tandem jump over the Academy Airfield Monday. In very short order
  • Memorial honors ultimate service before self

    The Academy War Memorial stands near the base of Old Glory on the Terrazzo's Air Garden. It serves as a reminder to all of the Academy graduates who've made the supreme sacrifice in service to their country. The curved monolith of black starlite granite is inscribed with the names of 171 Academy graduates who died as a result of hostile action