Cadet Wing goes back to school

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Don Branum
  • U.S. Air Force Academy Public Affairs
Most college students are familiar with shopping for books, hitting the library and studying in dorm rooms after class. But how many college students run to class, march in formation to lunch or have their dormitories inspected on weekends?

At the Air Force Academy, the answer is, about 4,400.

Before cadets here learn anything else, they have to learn how to manage their time. Fourth-class cadets typically take 15 semester hours in their first semester, then take on 18 semester hours most of their remaining semesters until they graduate.

Add to the challenging academic schedule a requirement to play on either an intramural or NCAA team, a military training requirement, character and leadership development courses and volunteer projects such as Habitat for Humanity, and you have an average cadet's day-to-day schedule.

DenMar Services photographers Mike Kaplan, Rachel Boettcher and Johnny Wilson captured photos of cadets Aug. 10 during their first full week of academics: slideshow.