USAFA hosts 11th annual CSURF

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  • By Amy Gillentine
  • Research Office
More than 250 undergraduates and guests from USAFA, Colorado College and the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs attended the day-long Colorado Springs Undergraduate Research Forum featuring research projects ranging from possible cures for African Sleeping Sickness, effectively testing for synthetic drugs, and the latest research on aerospace and aeronautics, April 12.

Cadets here talked about research for parks in Denver, determining poorer areas have lower-quality parks and fewer opportunities, and presented their research for the Colorado Springs Police Department, helping them track repeat offenders throughout El Paso County.

Retired Lt. Gen. Ervin Rokke kicked-off the event, detailing the importance of undergraduate research, cooperation between the major institutions in the city and discussing how organizations can thrive in the current high-tech environment. Rokke is the senior scholar in-residence at the Academy's Center for Character and Leadership Development.

Cadets 1st Class Kevin Dolan, Mitchell Kim and Joshua Kreimier presented their Floodlift System.

After Hurricane Sandy devastated Dolan's Long Island neighborhood, he came up with a solution for flooded, destroyed houses -- a system essentially allowing homeowners to use a hydraulic lift to raise a house between 4 and 12 feet during a flood. Once the danger passes, the owner can lower the house back to the foundation.

"Homes lose value when they're put on columns or stilts, and if entire neighborhoods have to install them, the neighborhood loses value," Dolan said. "This allows a home to keep its value and remain safe during floods."

Cadets 1st Class Hannah Peterson and Kassie Gurnell talked about their research with Colorado Springs Airport officials, detailing their efforts to find ways the airport can boost passenger numbers from USAFA faculty, staff and cadets traveling for personal reasons and on official travel. travel.

Their recommendations include better marketing of the convenience of the Colorado Springs airport, easier parking and faster times through security.

The event included 100 poster presentations and 53 oral discussions. Of those, USAFA cadets presented 78 separate research talks and poster presentations.