‘It's your Air Force Academy too': Chief Boyer hosts enlisted call Nov. 16

  • Published
  • By Ray Bowden
  • U.S. Air Force Academy Public Affairs

The top-enlisted Airman at the Air Force Academy announced his plans to retire late next year after nearly 32 years of military service.

Chief Master Sgt. Rob Boyer, the Academy’s command chief, said this and more during his enlisted call, Nov. 16 in Fairchild Hall.

“You can swap out all the senior leaders here, but the job will still get done because of you,” he said to the audience of enlisted Airmen. “You represent the Academy’s cradle of leadership. There is nothing that gets done here without your ownership or involvement.”

As the command chief, Boyer advises Academy Superintendent Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria and other senior staff on military readiness, quality of life and the professional development of more than 9,000 service members and cadets. He’s Silveria’s enlisted representative on several committees, councils and boards.

Boyer said his most important plan after retiring is to support the career goals of his wife, Master Sgt. Yvonne Boyer, scheduled to retire from active duty April 1 at Peterson Air Force base.

“Where we land after I retire depends on where she lands,” Boyer said. “Yvonne’s been following me around for four years so I want to support her goals and dreams.”

Boyer’s retirement ceremony will occur in August and he officially retires Oct. 1. The name of the Academy’s next command chief should be announced by spring.

‘It’s Your Air Force Academy’

Enlisted service members are in-part responsible for every success at the school, Boyer said.

“You always have a part to play as enlisted Airmen in building our product: lieutenants who are ready to lead Airmen upon graduation,” he said. “The enlisted force represents the majority of the Air Force and it’s critical we provide our officer corps with the enlisted perspective to help them make informed decisions. It’s also critical we set the example for cadets and help them make informed decisions.”

Boyer said the Academy’s enlisted force will help create “The Air Force We Need,” Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson’s named for the analysis indicating what the Air Force needs to fulfill the Defense Secretary’s National Defense Strategy.

“The Air Force is too small for what the nation is asking us to do,” Wilson said in September. “We have 312 operational squadrons today. The ‘Air Force We Need’ has 386 operational squadrons by 2030.”

The chief said the Academy’s enlisted force shouldn’t underestimate its part in developing this “Air Force We Need.”

“You’re part of the leadership laboratory we have here,” he said. “You’re ambassadors for the Air Force Academy. This is your Air Force Academy too.”

Boyer said the Air Force’s top leaders — Wilson, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfien and Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force Kaleth Wright — support the Academy and its mission of developing innovative leaders of character.

“They represent one of the best leadership teams we’ve had in terms of advocating for us,” he said. “Thanks in part to them and General Silveria, we’re on a pretty steady plane, especially when it comes to resources. Here at the Academy, we’re postured well to do our mission, but we couldn’t do it without you.”

Other news

Boyer said a major project to upgrade the Academy’s internet infrastructure is ongoing. The project includes installing the new Student Information System to replace the Cadet Administrative Management Information system, known as “CAMIS.”

Boyer also announced that Chief Wright is scheduled to be guest speaker at the school’s National Character and Leadership Symposium in February; a remodeled running track near the community center should be unveiled next fall; and construction on the Tri-Intersection Bridge should be complete next year.

Boyer ended his enlisted call by thanking the enlisted Airmen.

“Whether you’re that security forces Airman protecting the base, that medical clinician serving thousands of airmen cadets and their families, or any other career field, the Academy exists in large part because of you,” he said.