Avoid the blaze with fire safety measures

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  • 10th Civil Engineering Squadron

Your Air Force Academy Fire Prevention Office staff want you and your family to have a fire safe year. Electrical fires in homes claim the lives of 280 Americans each year. Many of these fires are caused by incorrectly-installed wiring and overloaded circuits and extension cords, but they can be prevented.


Here’s a few tips to help you keep your home safe in 2019.


-- If you use electric space heaters, plug them directly into a wall receptacle


-- Always avoid using power strips for high-electrical-drawing appliances like heaters, appliances and hair dryers


-- Routinely check your electrical appliances and wiring for damages


-- Immediately replace frayed wires and worn, old or damaged appliance cords


-- Discard any electrical tool if it causes shocks, overheats, shorts out or smokes or sparks


-- Keep electrical appliances away from wet floors and counters, especially electrical appliances in the bathroom and kitchen


-- Buy electrical products evaluated by a nationally recognized laboratory, like UL


-- Keep combustible items at least three feet from all space heaters


-- Use three-prong plugs only in three-prong outlets. Never force it to fit into a two-slot-outlet or extension cord


-- Don't allow children to play with or around electrical appliances


-- Use safety closures to "child-proof" electrical outlets


-- Never overload extension cords or wall sockets with too many plugs


-- Immediately shut off, replace light switches that are hot to the touch and lights that flicker


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