Energy Action Month: Top 4 ways to conserve energy in the dorms

  • Published
  • By Janine Dreger
  • U.S. Air Force Academy Public Affairs

U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. -- Energy Action Month continues across the Air Force. So far, we’ve covered how we can all conserve energy while driving and in our offices. Here’s a few tips from the Air Force on saving money in the dormitories.

Open those curtains or shutters and take advantage of daylight. Turn off the lights when you leave your dorm or day room.

Switch off
Turn off any device that consume energy in “standby” mode, including computers, the TV and etc.  

All at once
Save energy by plugging your devices into a power strip with surge protector. Remember not to “daisy chain” those power strips.

Every degree counts
Every degree counts. You can help reduce your dormitory’s energy bill by as much as 3 percent by lowering the temperature level on your thermostat.