Energy Action Month: Top 8 ways to save energy

  • Published
  • By Janine Dreger
  • U.S. Air Force Academy Public Affairs

U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. -- Throughout October we’ve published quite a few tips to keep you conserving energy year-round. We can make a huge dent by taking pretty simple steps. Here’s the top eight ways we can conserve energy across the Air Force and in our homes and vehicles.

Don’t be Idle

Don’t let your vehicle idle. It’s expensive and, depending on the model, can use one gallon of fuel each hour, not to mention inhaling vehicle fumes isn’t healthy.

Don’t Drive Angry

Carpool, use public transportation, bike or walk. Don’t be an aggressive driver. Most vehicles tend to suck up fuel at speeds faster than 55 mph.

Leave the AC Alone

Turn the air conditioner down, close the windows and use the vents. Using the air conditioner can increase fuel costs from 13-to-21 percent.

The Right Lights

Use daylight when you can. Who doesn’t prefer working in daylight instead of office lighting?

The Right Temperature

Every degree counts in conserving energy. Switch off the thermostat at the end of the duty day.

Clean the Vents

We can knock off as much as 25 percent off our office energy cost if we clear the vents. Clogged vents and dirty filters slow air flow, waste energy and contribute to unhealthy air.

Power Down

Office computers suck up a lot of energy so turn them off at the end of the day. Call the 10th Communication Squadron Help Desk at 333-4357 if your computer doesn’t have the automatic sleep function.

Share Equipment

Consolidate your equipment and use a network printer. You’ll reduce your office’s energy bill and cut down on paper waste.