From the Academy's Safety Office: Be in the know when it snows

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U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. -- Snow fell at the Air Force Academy Sept. 8 and its certain there’s more come as the year edges closer to winter.

There are several ways to get updated weather information at the Academy when the weather results in delayed reporting or causes the base to close.

Call the school’s Snow Call line, 719-333-6249 and check out the Academy’s official Facebook page, Twitter feed and website at, and

Check local radio and TV news for updates as the Academy shares its latest weather reports information with the local media.

“You can never be too concerned when it comes to safety but it’s especially important to be vigilant during our fall and winter seasons here,” said the Academy’s director of safety, Lt. Col. Joe Vigueria. “You might think that some of this information is trivial and simply ‘common sense’ but each year people lose their lives after being involved in situations they could have easily avoided altogether by being prepared, having a plan and appropriately weighing the risks.”

Safety Tips

-- Keep a windshield scraper and brush in your vehicle

-- Keep a full gas tank during winter

-- Get all-season tires

-- Keep snack bars items, candles, a fire source, warm clothes, a First-aid kit, small camp shovel, road flares, a flashlight with extra batteries, your cellphone and charger.

-- Check the weather reports or call the Colorado Department of Transportation at 877-315-7623 for the latest road conditions. This information tells you which highways are treated for ice and snow removal., offers travel alerts for I-70, I-25 and other highways and roads throughout Colorado.

-- Travel during daylight if possible and take at least one other person. Keep others informed of your travel schedule.

-- Dress warmly. Wear loose‐fitting, layered and light‐weight clothing. Wet clothing can accelerate hypothermia.

-- Cold weather strains the heart. Shoveling snow or pushing a vehicle if you’re unaccustomed to exercising can cause a heart attack or make other medical conditions worse. Take frequent breaks when performing strenuous activities.


--Stay in your vehicle and don’t search for assistance unless you can take shelter

-- Hang a brightly colored cloth on the radio antenna

-- Run the engine for about 10 minutes each hour to stay warm but be aware of the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning

-- Keep the exhaust pipe clear of snow and open a window slightly for ventilation