39 Academy Airmen to make jump to staff sergeant rank

  • Published
  • By Ray Bowden
  • U.S. Air Force Academy Public Affairs

Several Airmen assigned to the Air Force Academy will become noncommissioned officers in the next 12 months.

The Air Force selected 13,864 senior airmen for promotion to staff sergeant out of 33,341 Airmen eligible for promotion, the service announced Sept. 24. In all, 39 senior airmen at the Academy are scheduled for promotion.

Lt. Gen. Richard Clark, the Academy’s superintendent, said the Air Force selected the right Airmen for promotion.

“Congratulations. Your selection for promotion is a testament to your superior performance as well as our Air Force’s confidence in your leadership,” he said. “I’m confident each of you is ready to join our noncommissioned officer ranks.”

Seven of the Airmen selected for promotion are on the Academy’s Headquarters staff: Prince Antwi, Danielle Diaz, Darren Duckworth, Erick Eckstrom, Ian Gurden, Charles Hilton and Abigail Martin.

Seven are at the Academy’s Prep School: Fabian Munoz, Angel Nieves, Chase Doten, Roland Ocampo, Emily Troy, Joseph Tschetter and Diego Jacinto.

Twenty five are at the 10th Air Base Wing: Rivera Abularach; Max Barker; Shanice Berrigan; Matthew Casey; Morgan Chappell; Jack Cox; Clifton Dollard; Jon Donaldson; Kaitlin Epps; Danielle Grimsley; Larry Hinkle; Byraun Howell; Abigail Hunt; Jessica Ignacio-Sanchez; Brandon Ingram; Carly Jacobs; Shannon Lertola; Keith Lunkwitz; Jose Peralta; Wendy Robinson; Hasim Scipio; Joseph Thomas; Mariah Trujillo; Leylan Umblas; and Daniel Zamora

“I was happy to be on that list,” said Antwi, a finance specialist. “[Promotions] can enhance your job with more opportunities to learn and develop and provide an opportunity to grow in the Air Force.”

Visit https://www.afpc.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/2359519/air-force-releases-staff-sergeant20e5-promotion-cycle-statistics/ for more information.