Academy releases security requirements for Class 0f 2021 graduation

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U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. – The Air Force Academy welcomes authorized guests with a digital ticket to the Class of 2021 graduation ceremony, May 26.

The Academy remains closed to visitors due to public health measures implemented at the school to keep its community safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

Guests with a digital ticket to the ceremony are invited to the base through the north gate 5:30 a.m.-10 p.m. May 23–May 26.  

All vehicles on the base are subject to inspection by security personnel and drivers may be asked to show proof of insurance, vehicle registration or rental car agreement. Guests should not bring large bags, coolers, backpacks or other items requiring additional scrutiny or inspection.

Parking for graduation week events May 24-25 is in the Cadet Field House and cadet parking lots. Handicapped parking options are available for guests with a Handicapped Lot pass or state-issued handicapped placard.  Shuttle buses will run from these parking areas to Stillman Parade Field May 25.  Parking for the graduation ceremony May 26 is at Falcon Stadium.

Cadet Areas Access
Access to the cadet area - the terrazzo, Stillman Parade Field, dormitories, academic buildings and athletic buildings is 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m. May 25, with the exception of cadets and guests participating in an Awards ceremony or commissioning ceremony May 24-25. A cadet or Academy staff with a cadet area badge must escort guests. Guests should not bring large bags or backpacks into the area as they will be inspected at control points.

Events in Secure Area of the Base
For graduation week events outside the cadet area or after visitor hours, a Defense Department cardholder must escort all guests. These events include commissioning ceremonies at the Otis and Carlton houses. We recommend cadets meet their non-DOD guests off the base or at the Field House to carpool or caravan to their destination.

Defense Department ID cardholders, including civilian, military cadets and base contractors, can vouch for non-DOD affiliated people in a vehicle while traveling and for one additional vehicle. Plan to arrive early for all activities to have time to get through security.

Visit for more information.

General Base Driving Information
Follow posted speed limits on the base. All occupants must wear Seatbelts. Drivers may not use handheld cellphones when their vehicle is in motion. Radar detectors are not allowed.

If security conditions change, some scheduled events may require additional safety precautions. Any change will be publicized by the local media, the Academy’s graduation website – - and on the base’s official Facebook and Twitter platforms.

Call 911 for medical, fire or police emergencies. There are several medical facilities in Colorado Springs to handle medical situations: Memorial Hospital Central, 719-365-5000, Memorial Hospital North, 719-364-5000, Penrose-St. Francis, 719-776-5000, and St. Francis Medical Center, 719-571-1000.

Call the 10th Security Forces Squadron at 719-333-2000 or 333-4100 to report an emergency at the Academy,