Connect IT, protect IT: Own your cyber security role

  • Published
  • By Jimmy Warren
  • U.S. Air Force Academy information systems security manager

U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. - Please join us in spreading cyber security awareness and encourage everyone to own their role in protecting internet-connected devices.

We all have a critical role in protecting Air Force Academy and Defense Department information, systems, computing assets and other devices.

Cellphones, smartphones, laptops, tablets, wireless handheld scanners, electronic book readers, smartwatches, fitness trackers, wireless headsets and microphones, and wireless organizers are all personal electronic devices. “PEDs” also connect and exchange data from devices that control vehicles, appliances, sensors, and actuators collectively known as the “Internet of Things” devices.

Tips for protecting your data and devices at work and home

- Use strong passwords, different passwords for each device and change default passwords.

- Install updates for apps and operating system as soon as they are available.

- Disable remote connectivity features when they are are not in use

- Be careful what you post and when. Post pictures from trips and events after you return.

- Never leave your mobile device unattended in public and lock it when not in use

- Review and understand your apps before downloading and installing. Some apps request access to your location and personal info.

- Research and use proper configurations and security settings for “Internet of Things” devices

- Use multi-factor authentication when possible

- Remember to update your security software

- Don’t share personal information online and use privacy settings for social media

- Open emails only from a trusted source

- Secure your home Wi-Fi network

- Always back up your critical data

Call the Academy’s cyber security office at 719-333-9889 to report a cyber security incident.