Cadets earn summer research awards

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  • U.S. Air Force Academy Strategic Communications

Academy officials recognized 17 cadets and their efforts to accelerate change through research and innovation during the Cadet Summer Research Program awards ceremony here, Sept. 9.

Cadet research ranged from improving medical treatment in deployed locations, exploring human behavior, immigration assimilation and space-focused agile combat employment.

“I see these research experiences as invaluable,” said Cadet 1st Class James Landy, who earned the Dean’s Summer Research Program award. “They provide us an opportunity to apply what we are learning in the classroom to a real-world issue.”

This year, 370 cadets worked on projects at military, government and civilian facilities.

“We’re teaching them problem solving and critical thinking - the same skills they’re going to need in a technologically advanced air force and space force,” said Col. Chris McClernon, the Academy’s associate dean of research. “Whether they’re a pilot, an acquisitions officer, a scientist or battle manager, they’re going to be facing problems that require the skill-sets demonstrated here in summer research.”

Judges scored cadet projects according to five categories: mission impact, evidence of critical thinking, advancement of the discipline, other significant accomplishments and clear communication of final product.

“We are answering real research problems for real research customers,” McClernon said. “Research is fun, challenging, exciting and a critical part of what we do here.”

Program participants receive credit for a military summer training program through this career-broadening assignment.

Cadet Summer Research Program Award Winners:

Dean’s Summer Research Program Winner – Cadet 1st Class James Landy

First Class Division Winners:

Basic Sciences – Cadet 1st Class Hannah Martinez

Engineering – Cadet 1st Class Matthew Core

Social Sciences – Cadet 1st Class Gabrielle LaRochelle

Humanities - Cadet 1st Class Rachel Price

Second Class Division Winners:

Basic Sciences – Cadet 2nd Class Philip Golder

Engineering – Cadet 2nd Class Jabari Bowen

Social Sciences – Cadet 2nd Class Hannah Kim

Team Division Winners:

Social Sciences – Cadets 1st Class Ellen Oh and Sophia Vaughn

Basic Sciences – Cadets 2nd Class Josh Miao and Daniel Smith

Engineering – Cadets 1st Class John Jessen, Carter Margolis, and Paul Medina

Humanities - Cadets 1st Class Erica Rivera and Zach Szvetecz

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