Air Force CyberWorx, Academy SAPR Team Partner to Combat Sexual Assault

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Michael Ward
  • U.S. Air Force Academy Strategic Communications

Air Force CyberWorx partnered with the U.S. Air Force Academy’s sexual assault, prevention, and response office to host discussions aimed at creating actionable solutions for sexual assault awareness and prevention, Jan. 18-20, 2023.

Air Force CyberWorx designs and develops creative solutions to help solve problems warfighters may face.

Holistic approach

The discussions are part of the SAPR office’s Holistic Prevention Program Redesign Innovative Solving Sessions. Maj. Maroc George, a SAPR action officer at the Academy, said they hope to bring together diverse teams of people, including cadets and active-duty personnel, with different ideas and experiences to work toward new, innovative solutions.

George added that the focused training indicates Academy staff want to be involved in deterring sexual assault and sexual harassment.

“The Holistic Prevention Program Design Sprint was significant as it highlights the deep investment and commitment leadership and the Academy as a whole have to prevent any form of sexual harassment or assault,” George continued.

Members of the workshop pride themselves on having a “rank-free atmosphere,” allowing individuals to feel their voices are equal and heard. This approach allows people with different ranks, roles, expertise and experiences to contribute and helps create comprehensive solutions.

George expects this information to improve the overarching Holistic Prevention Program framework in the future.

Event feedback

According to Cadet 2nd Class Karis Kim, it was important for her to attend because she felt like she had a lot of ideas to share, and wanted to do what she could to help. Kim said it meant a lot to her to not only be in attendance but to see members of her leadership participate and learn.

“This experience was meaningful to me because it reaffirmed that the Academy leadership cares about this issue and finds it to be extremely important,” Kim said. “I felt heard by those who are in charge. I felt like my perspective and ideas were validated and essential to the Academy’s mission towards eradicating this issue.”

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