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Class of 2013 'Doolie Day Out' modified

U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. -- Due to the increase in illness at the Academy basic cadets will observe "Doolie Day Out" on Academy grounds.

"The cadets will enjoy their well-deserved down time," said Lt. Gen. Mike Gould, Air Force Academy superintendent. "However, for public safety and the health of the cadets, this year we will have to modify how the cadets spend their day off." 

Health officials stress that H1N1 flu behaves similar to typical seasonal influenza and emphasized the need to take standard seasonal flu preventive measures such as hand washing and cough etiquette. 

Academy health officials are following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for treatment, testing and prevention. In addition to the CDC, they are consulting with the Air Force Surgeon General and El Paso County Public Health Department.