Academy investigates illegal drug use

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  • By 060112
The Air Force Academy is investigating approximately 15 cadets for violating a General Order prohibiting the use of intoxicating substances--other than alcohol, caffeine, tobacco or lawfully-used prescribed medications.

The Academy Superintendent issued his General Order in April 2010, and it applies to all USAFA cadets, cadet candidates and military members attached to USAFA.

"Consistent with Air Force policy and instructions, the U.S. Air Force Academy has a zero tolerance policy regarding the use of these intoxicating substances, and certainly illegal drug use or possession," said Lt. Gen. Mike Gould, USAFA Superintendent. "The abuse of these products by military members, cadets or cadet candidates contradicts the nature of the profession of arms, threatens our military readiness and impairs our responsibilities to the Air Force and our Nation--and we will not stand for this behavior, ever."

Based upon investigations by the Air Force Office of Special Investigations in late 2011, USAFA launched an immediate investigation into cadets who allegedly violated the general order. Those who disobey the General Order face disciplinary actions which could include trial by court-martial, non-judicial punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, reprimands and involuntary separation from the Air Force.

"These alleged actions by just a few of our more than 4,300 cadets are not what we expect of America's future leaders, and are not reflective of the highest standards we uphold every day," said Brig. Gen. Richard Clark, USAFA Commandant of Cadets. "We expect the very best from our cadets, and we do not tolerate this type of behavior."

As the investigation continues, any additional allegations will be thoroughly examined to determine appropriate disciplinary action, if warranted.