Academy announces Falcon Stadium access times, entry requirements

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The Air Force football team opens the 2009 season Sept. 5 by hosting Nicholls State at 12:06 p.m. in Falcon Stadium. Falcon football fans please note the following highlights regarding entry requirements and access times for game day at Falcon Stadium. 

The Academy's North and South Entrances open at 8 a.m., or four hours prior to kickoff, Sept. 5 to allow fans access to Falcon Stadium. Please note that security barriers are installed at both North and South gates which will have the effect of reducing speed and lane changes at the entry gates. Please proceed through these gates with caution and avoid any lane changes as traffic will be flowing through in all entry lanes. 

As a reminder, Fanfest starts at 9:30 a.m., or two and one-half hours prior to kickoff, in front of the stadium. Parking Lot 3 and gates to Falcon Stadium open at 10 a.m., or two hours before kickoff. There is no re-entry into Falcon Stadium. Fans are welcome to tailgate in the stadium parking lots prior to the game and for up to three hours after the game's conclusion. 

Security restrictions for entry to the stadium are in place with few changes from last season, to include policies regarding cameras and water bottles. Still cameras and handheld video cameras will be allowed. But flash photography is not permitted. 

Empty or factory-sealed soft plastic water (water only) bottles, 24 ounces or less will be permitted. 

Items prohibited at Falcon Stadium for the 2009 football season include: alcoholic beverages, food, umbrellas, backpacks of any sort, artificial noisemakers, banners or large signs (no signs larger than 18 x 24 inches), laser pointers, weapons, firearms, fireworks, glass containers, cans, bags larger than 8x11 inches, and any items that cannot be readily inspected. 

The only exceptions to the food and drink prohibition will be for people with certain medical conditions and infants. These must be requested in advance, by contacting Athletic Events Management. Pets other than working service dogs are not permitted. Infant carrier bags and diaper bags are allowed if an infant is present, but the bags will be searched. All hand-carried items will be checked, to include purses, diaper bags, fanny packs, seat cushions, and blankets. Express lines will be available for those spectators entering the stadium with nothing to be searched. 

All patrons entering the stadium are subject to search. Initial visual screening and a pat down will be performed upon entry. Elevated screening procedures may be used, including metal detectors, if the base's security posture is heightened. 

For more information, contact the Athletics Communications office at 719-333-2313.