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To deter, detect and mitigate criminal/terrorist activity on USAFA by directing an aggressive anti-terrorism program. Your eyes and ears are critical weapons in the war against terrorism.

Ways you can help protect USAFA:
  • Report all suspicious activity to the Base Defense Operations Center (BDOC) – (719) 333-2000
    • Keys to Reporting:
      • Who you saw
      • What, When, and Where you saw it
      • Why it was suspicious

  • Why Report Suspicious Activity?
    • Law enforcement officials simply can't be everywhere; therefore, everyone plays a role in protecting the installation and community. It's your eyes and ears which can be of enormous help in the prevention of terrorism. You may see or hear things which seem out of the ordinary. Law enforcement rely on the instincts and perceptions of all members of the community to detect out of the ordinary activity. Prompt reporting can help prevent or impede terrorist attacks.

  • What is suspicious activity?
    • Surveillance – Recording or monitoring activities by use of camera/binoculars, note taking, mapping, or drawing diagrams.
    • Elicitation – Attempts to gain information by mail, phone, or in person about military operations or personnel.
    • Tests of Security – Attempts to measure reaction times of security breaches.
    • Suspicious Persons Out of Place – People who don't seem to belong.
    • Acquiring Materials – Stealing uniforms, identification cards/badges, or additional controlled items.