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Cadet Information

image of Cadets marching to Jack's Valley
Cadet life is as rewarding as it is difficult. Cadets adhere to a strictly regimented daily schedule even after graduating from Basic Cadet Training. Life at the Air Force Academy takes dedication, sacrifice, stamina, strong self-discipline and excellent time-management skills. However, the rewards include lifetime friendships, honor, personal development, pride and a career as an officer in the world's most proficient air, space and cyberspace force.

Cadet Privileges

  • Cadets in Basic Cadet Training cannot have visitors or receive phone calls but may write letters.
  • After Parents Weekend, fourth-class cadets may receive phone calls and have visitors Saturdays in the afternoon and evening and Sundays in the morning and afternoon. They can also invite friends to attend events at the Academy.
  • Eligible second and first class cadets may own automobiles. Third and fourth class cadets cannot own or maintain a vehicle but may rent one while on an authorized pass or privilege.

Cadet Schedule

  • Cadets have four 55-minute periods each morning and three each afternoon.
  • Breakfast and lunch are mandatory formations, and cadets participate in mandatory athletic activities after classes. Many Saturday mornings are spent performing military duties or attending parades and inspections.
  • Every cadet is involved in a sport, whether intercollegiate or intramural.
  • Because of the rigorous academic schedule, cadets have a three-week break in the summer instead of a three-month break.
Academic Calendar 2016/2017

Academic Calendar 2017/2018

Cadet Clinic

The Cadet Clinic is conveniently located on the first floor of the Fairchild Hall Annex. Cadets should use MiCare or call the Tricare Appointment Line at 719-524-2273 to schedule an appointment.


Cadets usually receive three weeks of summer leave, two weeks of winter holiday and one week for spring break. Cadets may receive emergency leave in the case of an emergency involving a member of their immediate family. Other requests for leave must be considered on an individual basis.

Cadet Sponsor Program

The Cadet Sponsor Program offers a unique and rewarding opportunity for members of the Air Force Academy and Colorado Springs communities to provide cadets exposure to family life and provide them a home away from home during their stay at the Academy. It also offers the chance to support the Academy and meet tomorrow's leaders firsthand.

For more information please visit the
Cadet Sponsor Program page.