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  • Air Force senior leaders send holiday letter of thanks to Airmen

    Happy holidays from the Secretary, Chief of Staff, and Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force.
  • Don’t let the ‘Stress Grinch’ steal your holidays

    Gift yourself with the time and attention you need during the holidays to give you and your loved ones the most joy possible. You deserve it.
  • Air Force and U.S. need cyber security experts

    The creation of the Internet has opened a world of possibilities for communication and the distribution of information. It’s allowed for unprecedented coordination and research and spread to every corner of the globe.
  • Air Force Academy cadet celebrates Hispanic Heritage

    Air Force Academy cadet celebrates Hispanic Heritage and Air Force opportunities.
  • Developing leaders of character, leaders of Airmen

    A year ago I was honored to assume command of my Alma mater, the U.S. Air Force Academy. In this unique role, I serve as the commander of a large and diverse military institution, and as president of a leading undergraduate university. During the last year, I have come to more deeply appreciate this distinctive institution and the various constituents it serves. I have found this position presents unique leadership challenges as we develop our cadets in the context of the profession of arms. It has been an inspiring journey not only intellectually but also personally, as I interact daily with young men and women who have chosen to serve their nation.
  • Combating hearing loss on and off duty

    It’s a noisy world. On any given day, you can hear aircraft engines on the airfield, weapons fire, and generators at our numerous construction and repair sites here.
  • Hearing-aid upgrades can benefit USAFA patients

    Today’s technological revolution has improved how we communicate, transformed how we hear, and is a boon to the hearing impaired at the Air Force Academy.  Modern upgrades in hearing aid technology have advanced and streamlined these devices and there are numerous cosmetically-appealing hearing aids available to patients at the 10th Medical Group.
  • Supt.'s Corner: USAFA Class of '18 inspired by founders

    Last week, I had the opportunity to travel to Texas to attend Founder’s Day activities with Air Force Academy graduates, families, supporters and friends, and in the weeks to come I look forward to attending more of these events in Boston, St. Louis and California. It’s been a privilege to meet so many of our USAFA community members, and to witness
  • Why diversity?

    A few months ago, I stood in front of more than 4,000 Air Force Academy cadets and delivered a simple message in response to a racist incident that occurred at our preparatory school: If you can’t treat someone with dignity and respect — get out.