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10 SCX Telephone Operators

Malicious Call Trace Procedure: If you receive a bomb threat or other emergency type call on your USAFA telephone, stay online with the caller and complete the Bomb Threat Aid (AF Form 440) posted next to your phone. Immediately after call is completed, perform the following procedure to activate a call trace: * Hang-up telephone, * Pick-up phone and receive dial tone, * Dial *57, * You should receive two beeps for call trace confirmation, * Hang-up, then immediately notify Security Forces at 333-2000.

Directory Assistance:  Dial 0 or 333-1110

Telephone Repair Service: Contact the Communications Focal Point at 333-4357 to report base telephone service problems

USAFA Key Personnel Roster  is available on the USAFA SharePoint site on the Information Management page provides a listing of USAFA Key Personnel and is published bi-annually

DSN Directory provides an aid to finding individual DSN site numbers

Voice Mail Instructions

All new telephone equipment requests must submitted via the CIPS Work Order Management System (WOMS).  Each unit has access to a WOMS monitor (Communications Requirements Officer) who can submit WOMS requests. The USAFA IT Center SharePoint  page has information on unit CROs for WOMS processing.

DO NOT DISCUSS CLASSIFIED INFORMATION ON NONSECURE TELEPHONES. OFFICIAL DOD TELEPHONES ARE SUBJECT TO MONITORING FOR COMMUNICATIONS SECURITY PURPOSE AT ALL TIMES. DOD telephones are provided for official government use only and are subject to communications monitoring in accordance with DODD4640.6

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