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10th Logistics Readiness Squadron

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LRS COIN Symbolism

Propeller and Wings (silver)
The Propeller and Wings are the representation of the Cadet Wing. Our number one priority is the support of the Cadet Wing.

Globe (white)
The Globe represents the worldliness of our goals. Our mission to support the United States Air Force Academy complies with our nations broader goals of preparing young men and women to protect and serve our country. The Globe has been used in many Air Force devices as a representation of the far reaching duties of all Airmen.

Key (gold)
The Key represents our guardianship of the supply resources of the United States Air Force Academy. We hold the key that controls procurement, receipt, storage and issue of the critical supplies that are necessary to keep the United States Air Force Academy operationally ready. The key has historical significance as a representation of the supply function of the Air Force.

Lightning Bolt (blue)
The Lightning Bolt represents our swiftness of action in responding to the needs of the United States Air Force Academy. This symbol has also been used to represent logistics support for the operational Air Force.

Arrows (red)
The three Arrows circling the Globe represent Mobility, Readiness, and Transportation where ever and whenever it is needed. The symbolism of the Arrow historically shows readiness to fight, act or make any move necessary to defend our nation. It has also been used to represent Transportation in the Operational Air Force. These Arrows circle around the Globe from the horizon near the bottom and approach near the center of the Globe.

Who You Gonna Call?...Logistics - Our Motto as a Call and Response.

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10th Logistics Readiness Squadron
8110 Industrial Drive, Suite 100
U.S. Air Force Academy, CO 80840
Civilian Leader
Mr. James D. Jeffers
Deputy Director
Mrs. Alana E. Kraft
(719) 333-2010
DSN: 333-2010
Fax: (719) 333-2379