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10th Security Forces Squadron


10FS Commander

Lt. Col. Christopher Jackson
Commander, 10th SFS
Phone: (719) 333-2000

Security Forces defend the personnel, visitors, and infrastructure of our U.S. Air Force Academy, at all times, in all conditions, and against all threats.

Vision: A family of Defenders who do our job, do the right thing, and take care of each other.

Main Phone:
Comm: (719) 333-2000/2001
DSN: 333-2000/2001
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Base Traffic You Should Know

crack downbase entryDriving on baseBase traffic laws

Project Identification

Project Identification is engraving high valued personal items such as stereos, TVs, or bicycles as a way to identify them if they are stolen. We suggest engraving your name and a personal identifier such as the last 4 digits of your social security number. Engravers are available for check out from the Police Services Office in Bldg. 8024 at DSN 333-3697 or Commercial (719)333-3697, on a USAFA Form 0-71 Project Identification Participation Notice will increase the probability that stolen or lost property will be returned to you

Our Organizations

The 10th Security Forces Squadron is the United States Air Force Academy's first line of defense. Their primary job is to maintain the rule of law on the installation. Support is provided 24 hours a day with several different SF organiza-tions including patrol units, K-9s, and Investigations.
Command Section
Intel and Investigations
Operations and Training
Supply and Combat Arms
Reports and Analysis

K-9 Demonstrations

Police Dog The Military Working Dog  section conducts public demonstrations of their K-9's abilities. Contact the Kennels at (719)333-3363 to inquire or schedule a demonstration.

Crime Stoppers

Police Car

All calls received through the Crime Stop Hotline are anonymous. You are not required to give any personal information. If it is an emergency, please call 911.

Crime Stoppers is an anonymous way for you to report a crime that has been committed or in progress. If you see a suspicious person, vehicle, or situation that makes you feel that a crime may be occurring or happened, call Security Forces at the Crime Stop Hotline (719) 333-4100 and help take a bite out of crime!

McGruff Program

McGruff the Crime Dog makes appearances at many USAFA events to promote crime prevention. If you would like to schedule McGruff for your school, youth group, or other activity, please call the Crime Prevention office at DSN 333-8427 or Commercial (719)333-8427. Crime Dog

Drug Demand Reduction

badge This program exists to reduce the amount of illegal contraband in the Military. DDR is headed by the 10th Medical Group and our K-9 unit is heavily involved. For more information, please call DSN 333-8427 or Commercial (719)333-8427.