Anti-Terrorism Office

Anit-Terrorism Logo
To deter, detect and mitigate criminal/terrorist activity on USAFA by directing an aggressive anti-terrorism program, to ensure:
  • AT Level I, II, III and IV training exceeds AF training standards; to ensure the random anti-terrorism measure program exceeds AF requirements
  • quick response to internal or external threats by raising installation FPCONs to mitigate potential threats
  • the base populace can prevent or respond to an active shooter type incident by ensuring plans, procedures and robust training are in place
  • the development and execution a challenging exercise programs to evaluate readiness levels of the base populace and first responders to overt terrorist tactics, techniques and procedures
  • facility renovations and new construction comply with DoD AT/FP standards
  • thorough risk assessments on large events are conducted
  • sound advice and counsel is provided to senior USAFA leaders so they can make informed decisions to protect base personnel
  • all required meetings and assessments are conducted on time or ahead of schedule
  • AT/FP project requests to protect personnel and resources are submitted with a strategic viewpoint.
Active Shooter Procedures