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10th Air Base Wing
8034 Edgerton Drive, Suite 200
USAF Academy, CO 80840-2201
Phone: (719) 333-1015
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Commander's Comments

Ice Cream Cones

by CMSgt Mark Holling

Huh? Yeah. Self-licking ice cream cones! Picture that for a moment.
A self-licking ice cream cone is something that exists only for its own enjoyment and no one else’s. So what good is it?

The Double Tongue Dictionary defines a self-licking ice cream cone as: n: a process, department, institution, or other thing that offers few benefits and exists primarily to justify or perpetuate its own existence. Sadly, there are a few in the U.S. Air Force.  

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10th Air Base Wing

image of the 10th Air Base Wing shield
MISSION The 10th Air Base Wing is the host wing for the Air Force Academy and provides quality support to enhance the education and development of more than 4,000 future Air Force leaders. The 10 ABW is also responsible for medical, engineering, logistics, communications, personnel, services, security and other key support for more than 25,000 military and civilian personnel. The wing preserves and improves a $3.5 billion base infrastructure and operates a regional medical infrastructure serving four U.S. Air Force installations.

HISTORY The 10 ABW first stood up as the 73rd Observation Group, activated in Harrisburg, Pa., on Aug. 21, 1941. The group was redesignated twice and moved three times until, in December 1943, it became the 10th Photographic Group (Reconnaissance), stationed at Key Field, Miss. Read More

Airman in the Spotlight

Mr. Shaun Bright
Contracting Specialist, 10th Contracting Squadron

Mr. Shaun Bright is responsible for administering an approximate $20 million portfolio of commodity and service contracts including Cadet Tailor Shop, Cadet Uniform programs and the USAFA Base Supply purchases. 
In 2014, he was recognized by the Federal Executive Board as the Federal Employee of the Year.

Bright is a graduate of Webster University with two Masters: one in Procurement and Acquisitions Management and a second in Human Resource Development. He retired from the U.S.Army as an NCO Academy Instructor.

A family man, he is a native of Iowa and a world traveler with interests in biking, hiking, woodworking, and retro video gaming.  10 ABW is proud to have him as a member of Team 10.