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Civilian Leader
Mr. James D. Jeffers

Deputy Director

8110 Industrial Drive, Suite 100
USAFA, CO 80840
Phone Comm 719-333-2010
DSN: 333-2010
FAX: 710-333-4600


10LRS/DD (719) 333-1493
Operations Mission: Oversees day-to-day operations within the squadron and provides leadership for installation logistics processes related to vehicles, cargo movement, passenger movement, personal property, supplies, equipment, deployment planning and operations, fuels, munitions, and logistics plans. The Operations Section monitors squadron health, welfare, morale, discipline, personnel actions, training, readiness and information management. Operations personnel are responsible for programs and processes associated with squadron business practices, resource management (facilities, funds management, stock control and infrastructure), squadron analysis, strategic planning, compliance, personnel actions, training, accountability, metrics, and systems management.

Compliance and Analysis
This section is deemed to be the "eyes and ears" of the squadron commander and ties in very closely with the Logistics Compliance Assessment Program (LCAP) and will be used to determine overall squadron effectiveness. Compliance and Analysis oversees the "health of the squadron." 
Funds Management 
Resource and Funding Advisor for the squadron.