Policy and Directives Division

Focusing character & leadership core curricula and the USAFA Experience on the purpose of the Officer Development System.

Develops strategic vision and provides direction to guide USAFA officer development efforts. Develops and coordinates inputs to the Plans Division for the USAFA strategic planning process concerning leadership and character development plans, programs, and policies. Operationalizes the plan for achieving the vision - identifies objectives and the best methods to achieve them. Integrates and synchronizes execution of the plan with the mission elements. Coordinates basic and applied research efforts across mission elements related to leadership and character development. Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR) for the USAFA Manual detailing the purpose, design, and theory of the Officer Development System (ODS). USAFA liaison for leadership and character development issues with outside agencies including Headquarters Air Force, Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel, Directorate of Force Development (HQ AF/DPD), Headquarters Air Education and Training Command (HQ AETC), Air Force Officer Accession & Training Schools (AFOATS), Air University, other service academies, civilian universities, and other professional organizations.

USAFA Officer Development System (ODS) 

The umbrella program that integrates activities across all mission elements and affects all dimensions of personal development is called the Officer Development System (ODS). The Academy uses ODS to focus all of its development activities on accomplishing the 19 USAFA outcomes.

ODS is designed to organize Cadet experiences so that USAFA achieves its institutional goals, accomplishes its assigned mission, and realizes it strategic vision.