Snow Control Center

If the road conditions at the Air Force Academy have deteriorated and require an information update, it can be found at the Flash Alert page or by calling the Air Force Academy Road Conditions Hotline at 333-2800 or the Falcon Alert Line at 333-6249 

Air Force Academy Snow Page Mobile Phone Applications:
USAFA VA32-1 and Winter Survival Card

Academy Snow Route Map
USAF Academy Weather
Weathernet for the Air Force Academy 

10 Cvil engineer Squadron/CEOSP
Commercial: 719-333-3521   DSN: 333-3521



As a diverse and pro-active safety team, we support Civil Engineering and Mission Services throughout the United States Air Force Academy. We interface with base organizations to promote safe mission accomplishment. We monitor compliance with federal occupational safety and health regulations, Air Force Instructions, and Air Force Occupational Safety Standards. We ensure the highest safety specifications are maintained and integrated into repairs, upgrades, and new construction to USAFA facilities. We protect people, property and the environment and consider health and safety in every decision we make and in every activity we perform. 
 If you have question, you can send an email to Safety.

Quality, Safety, and Health Manager Phone number:
Cell: 719-896-6799
Work: 719-333-2664

Contact Us

10th Civil Engineer Squadron
8120 Edgerton Drive Suite 40
U.S. Air Force Academy, CO 80840

Fax: (719) 333-0475