Operations Flight

  • Operates & maintains the $35M USAFA metropolitan-area educational & military networks in support of over 9,000 customers
  • Drafts and implements policy in accordance with AF and DoD directives
  • Coordinates planning / implementation of network technical solutions and upgrades
  • Protects network by detecting and eradicating malicious and unauthorized activity
  • Reports compliance to the Integrated Network Operations Security Center-West
  • Provides oversight, development, integration and support for technology communications, control, & infrastructure systems

Supports the USAFA mission with the following five elements below:

 1- Network Operation (SCOO)
Performs software maintenance and hardware replacement on over 110 Windows and UNIX servers worth $3.25M. Performs daily security assessments to minimize network intrusions, viruses, attacks, spam outbreaks, and threats.

 2- Communications Help Desk (SCOS)

Manages tier-1 support for computer maintenance of desktops, laptops, and printers. Troubleshoots / resolves frontline problems for applications, internet / intranet, remote access, wireless, and file / print services. Coordinates other element services with Client Support Administrators to resolve critical network outages. 

 3- Infrastructure (SCOI)
Monitors, maintains, and configures over 400 Internet Protocol routers, switches, and provides software-hardware support to over 14,500 wireless and remote access devices.

 4- Knowledge Operations (SCOK)

Consults on web page design and provides programming assistance. Offers training in html, Dreamweaver, MySQL, and ColdFusion. Administers USAFA AF Portal.

Knowledge Operations

  • Web page consulting and programming assistance
  • Web page training (html, Dreamweaver, and Coldfusion)
  • AF Portal and AF Knowledge Now Community of Practice administration

Contact Information Phone: 333-3813 Email: scok_all@usafa.edu


Mr. Rocky McCollum

Deputy Director:
Mr. Chris Fell

SMSgt Paul Kinsey

Flight Chief, Plans and Resources:
Mr. Alex Hood

Chief of Operations Flight:
Mr. Neland North

Comm Focal Point Help Desk:
DSN: 333-4357
Commercial: (719) 333-4357

E-mail: 10 CS/CFP