Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory

10LRS/LGRP (719) 333-4137


Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory (PMEL) Mission: To improve and sustain precision measurement processes that ensure traceable, accurate, reliable and safe air and space systems performance. The PMEL provides Test, Measurement & Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) calibration and repair services to mission partners across USAFA to include the Dean of Faculty (DF) engineering departments and associated research centers as well as 306th Flying Training Group and 10th Air Base Wing units. In addition, PMEL provides supplemental calibration services to numerous other military installations along the Front Range; including Peterson, Buckley, F.E. Warren AFBs, and Fort Carson.  PMEL maintains certification to conduct calibrations through the Air Force Metrology & Calibration (AFMETCAL) Program. All calibrations are traceable through the Air Force Primary Standards Laboratory (AFPSL) to the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) or other AFMETCAL Program approved sources to insure TMDE used to make measurements is accurate, reliable and provides standardized measurements. Approving authority for all USAFA TMDE purchases.  

Hours of Operation:

PMEL: M-F 0700-1100 and 1130-1530

Scheduling Section: M-F 0700-1100 and 1130-1530 by appointment

Contact Information:

Scheduling Section     COMM: 719-333-4137 or DSN: 333-4137

Flight Chief     COMM: 719-333-4047 or DSN: 333-4047

PMEL QA      COMM: 719-333-9760 OR DSN: 333-9760

PMEL Org Email:

Contact Us

Mr. James Jeffers
DSN 333-2010

Deputy Director
Mrs. Alana E. Kraft
DSN 333-1493