Vehicle Management

Vehicle Management Mission: To provide economical management, quality maintenance, and overall accountability of USAFA’s motor vehicle fleet. The Vehicle Management Flight is comprised of three work centers, Vehicle Maintenance, Materiel Control, and Vehicle Management & Analysis (VM&A). Vehicle Maintenance’s primary function is to perform scheduled & unscheduled maintenance on a variety of military and commercial design vehicles to include preventative inspections, diagnostics, repair and rebuild of components and assemblies. Materiel Control directly supports Vehicle Management activities by providing parts tracking & procurement as well as tool, facility, and technical order management. VM&A is the control center for Vehicle Management. Responsibilities include extraction of maintenance data, management of vehicle authorizations and assignment of assets, Vehicle Maintenance workload control, monitoring of warranties, tracking & scheduling periodic maintenance as well as several other duties to keep the fleet on track.

Contact Us

Flight Chief:
COMM (719) 333-4605

Vehicle Maintenance:
COMM (719) 333-2584/3712

Material Control:
COMM (719) 333-2584/3712

Fleet Management:
COMM (719) 333-0335


Hours of Operation:
M-F 0700-1530