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Official Parent's Club Homepage

Photo of parents at an USAFA event

Parents of cadets who unite together to support each other during that traumatic time when their sons or daughters are away from home, attending the Academy.
You are so proud....your son or daughter has been accepted to the United States Air Force Academy! The day arrives.
You stay with your new cadet at Doolittle Hall until the very last minute. Then you must say good-bye and your cadet walks away to begin in-processing. You won't see your cadet again until Parents' Weekend.

What do you do now? you miss your "Doolie" already, and you know you're going to have so many questions as the days go by.
Most parents experience many emotions when their children leave home. As parents of cadets, you are very special. Your children are attending one of the finest institutions in America. They will enter the Academy as young adults, but after four years, they will emerge as officers of the United States Air Force.

Your children have left the nest ... how will YOU survive the four years?
There are presently 93 parents' clubs in the United States, with every state having representation. These clubs are, basically, support groups. The parents support each other - and they support their cadets and the Academy. They're in charge of rumor control. They voice their opinions. They provide shoulders to lean on. They remain members, even though their cadets have long since graduated. They become lifetime friends.

As the parents' club liaison, we urge you to join the parents' club in your local area. For more information,
please contact us.

Parent's Club Listings

For more information on the parents' clubs listed here, contact the Academy's Parent Liaison using the contact information on the right side of the page. Privacy Act Requirement for Parents' Club Members
Spirit Committees  
2016 Spirit Committee 2019 Spirit Committee
2017 Spirit Committee 2020 Spirit Committee
2018 Spirit Committee
Alabama Nevada
AL-1: Parents' Club of Alabama NV-1: Parents' Club of Las Vegas
  NV-2: Service Academies Parents' Org. of Northern Nev.
AK-1: Parents' Club of Alaska New Hampshire
  NH-1: Parents' Association of New Hampshire
AR-1: Parents' Association of Arkansas New Jersey
  NJ-1: Parents' Association of New Jersey*
AZ-1:Arizona AFA Parents' Club* New Mexico
  NM-1: Parents' Association of New Mexico*
CA-1: Parents' Association of Central California New York
CA-2: Parents' Association of the Tri-Counties NY-1: Parents' Association of Central New York* (Utica Area)
CA-3: Parents' Association of Northern California* NY-2: Parents' Club of Northeastern New York (Albany Area)
CA-4: Parents' Association of Los Angeles County* NY-3: Long Island Parents' Club of New York
CA-5: Orange County AFA Parents' Club* NY-4: Parents' Association of Greater New York (Metro Area)
CA-6: California Capitol Region AFA Parent's Club NY-5: NY-5: Western New York*
CA-7: Parents' Association of San Diego*  
CA-8: Inland Empire Parents' Association of Southern Calif. North Carolina
  NC-1: Parents' Club of Eastern North Carolina*
Colorado NC-2: Piedmont North Carolina AFA Parents' Club
CO-1: Colorado Parents' Club*  
  North Dakota
Connecticut ND-1: Parents' Club of North Dakota
CT-1: Connecticut and Western Mass. Parents' Club*  
Delaware OH-1: Northeatern Ohio AFA Parents' Association*
DE-1: Parents' Club of Delaware OH-2: Parents' Club of Northwest Ohio
  OH-3: Parents' Association of Central and Southeast Ohio*
Florida OH-4: USAFA Parent Club of Southwest Ohio
FL-1: Florida Gulf Coast Parents' Club*  
FL-2: Parents' Club of South Florida* Oklahoma
FL-3: U.S. Service Academies Parents of the Big Bend OK-1: Parents' Club of Central Oklahoma
FL-4: Northeast Florida USAFA Parents' Club OK-2 :Northeast Oklahoma Parents of USAFA
FL-5: Parents' Club of Central Florida*  
FL-6: USAFA Parents Club of SW Florida Oregon
FL-7: Emerald Coast USAFA Parents' Club OR-1: Parents' Club of Oregon*
Georgia Pennsylvania
GA-1: Parents' Club of Georgia* PA-1: Falcon Families of Central Pennsylvania
  PA-2: Southeastern Pa. AFA Parents' Association*
Hawaii PA-3: Parents' Association of Western Pennsylvania*
HI-1: Hawaii USAFA Parents' Club  
  Puerto Rico and International
Idaho IT-1: International Parents' Club
ID-1: Parents' Club of Idaho PR-1: Puerto Rico Academies Parents' Club
Illinois Rhode Island
IL-1: Northern Illinois Parents' Club* RI-1: Rhode Island and Southeastern Mass. Parents' Association
IL-2: Parents' Club of Central Illinois  
IL-4: Parents' Club of Metro St. Louis & Missouri* South Carolina
  SC-1: Parents' Club of South Carolina
Indiana SC-2: Parents' Club of Western Carolina  
IN-1: Parents' Club of Indiana* South Dakota
  SD-1: Parents' Club of South Dakota
IA-1: Falcon Parents' Club of Iowa Tennessee
  TN-1: Parents' Association of Middle Tennessee
Kansas TN-2: Mid-South Chapter of USAFA Parents' Club
KS-1: Air Capital USAFA Parents' Club TN-3: Parents' Association of Southeast Tennessee
KS-2: MO-KAN USAF Academy Parents' Club*
Kentucky TX-1: Parents' Association of West Texas and Southern N.M.
KY-1: Falcon Families of Kentucky TX-2: North Texas USAFA Parents' Club*
  TX-3: South Texas AFA Parents' Club*
Louisiana TX-4: Southeast Texas AFA Parents' Association*
LA-2: Parents' Club of Louisiana TX-5: Central Texas USAFA Parents' Association*
   TX-6: USAFA Parents’ Club of the Panhandle, Plains, & Permian Basin (Amarillo, Lubbock, Midland areas) Webpage Facebook
Maine Utah
ME-1: Parents' Association of Maine UT-1: Utah AFA Parents' Club
Massachusetts Virginia, Maryland and D.C.
MA-1: MA-1 Eastern MA USAFA Families Club, Inc* VA-1: Parents' Association of the National Capital Area*
  VA-3: Parents' Club of the Eastern Virginia Area*
MI-1: Western Michigan Parents' Clubs* Vermont
MI-2: Eastern Michigan Parents' Clubs VT-1: Vermont USAF Academy Parents' Club
Minnesota Washington
MN-1: Parents' Club of Minnesota WA-1:Parents' Association of Washington*
Mississippi West Virginia
MS-1: Parents' Club of Mississippi WV-1: West Virginia AFA Parents' Club*
Missouri Wisconsin
See Illinois IL-4Parents' Club of Metro St. Louis & Missouri* WI-1:Parents' Association of Wisconsin*
Montana Wyoming
MT-1: Montana Parents' Club WY-1: Wyoming AFA Parents' Club*
NE-1: Parents' Association of Nebraska*