Plans and Resources

The Plans and Resources Flight is directly responsible for activities related to base level communication systems planning and integration, deployment planning for systems and personnel, requirements processing, network engineering, and Quality Assurance support for 10 CS contractors. We provide oversight and maintenance for installation of communications infrastructure and systems, budgeting and financial management, information management, and IT equipment acquisition and IT life-cycle replacement programs. We provide official telephone service, as well as base voice/data/AV/LMR/Video teleconferencing and notification systems infrastructure maintenance. Other services provide by the flight include, Publications and Forms Management, IT Asset accountability, Spectrum Management, Records Management, Public Address/Presentation/VTC support, Access System badge management. The Plans and Resources Flight also provides Communications Focal Point services.

Contact Us

Feedback Email: 10 CS/SCX Tasks

Flight Chief: (719) 333-7513

Plans and Requirement Chief:
(719) 333-2881

Base Support Chief:
(719) 333-7871

10 CS Resource Advisor:
(719) 333-4611