10 SCX Access Control Systems Management

Access Control Systems Management is a contracted function. This office provides programming and issuing of Access Control badges.

New Access System access is obtained by submitting a completed USAFA Form 120, Facility/Barrier Electronic Access Request to 10 CS/SCXSCX (Access Control Systems)

Access programming is provided at Pass & Registration, Bldg. 8486 and 10 CS Help Desk, Bldg. 2354

Any questions about base access policies and procedures should be directed to 10 SFS Pass and Registration, (719) 333-2120

Trouble tickets for equipment repair are reported to the 10 CS/CFP via telephone or email.

New installations of any access control equipment are submitted via the CIPS Work Order Management System (WOMS). Each unit has access to a WOMS monitor (Communications Requirements Officer) who can submit WOMS requests. The USAFA IT Center SharePoint page has information on unit CROs for WOMS processing.


Access Control Systems
Email: 10 CS/SCXSCX

Phone: (719) 333-4357
Email: 10 CS/CFP

Contract Quality Assurance
Phone: (719) 333-4199
Email: 10 CS/SCXSQ (QAE)