10 SCX Communications Focal Point

The Communications Focal Point  (CFP) is directly responsible for first contact calls for all Communication Outages and Repair. The CFP is a contracted function

.Mil customers should first utilize the vESD link on their desktop to trouble shoot and open a ticket.  Call the CFP if you cannot access the vESD or if your problem is not listed

For 10 MDG Computer Issues please contact the Medical Enterprise Service Desk at 333- 5295
New account requests should include a completed DD2875 and AF Form 4394 from your unit Information Assurance Officer (IAO)

Trouble tickets may be called in or emailed

We Provide

Trouble Ticket input and tracking for: 
Network problems
Email problems
Hardware/software problems
Blackberry/iPhone problems
Remote Access/VPN
Telephone Repair
Electronic Communications Equipment Repair
Conference Call/Meet Me Coordination
Land Mobile Radio problems
Mass Notification problems


Phone: (719) 333-4357
Email: 10 CS/CFP
Contract Quality Assurance
Phone: (719) 333-4199
Email: 10 CS/SCXSQ (QAE)