10 SCX Telephone and Communications Electronics

Telephone and Communications Electronics Maintenance is a contracted function.  The contractor performs preventative maintenance and repair on the majority of communications systems on USAFA.  Installs and performs move/add/changes to telephone and cat6 drops.

Trouble tickets for equipment repair are reported to the 10 CS/CFP via telephone or email

New installations of any communications electronic equipment are submitted via the CIPS Work Order Management System (WOMS).  Each unit has access to a WOMS monitor (Communications Requirements Officer) who can submit WOMS requests. The USAFA IT Center SharePoint  page has information on unit CROs for WOMS processing

We Provide:

Telephone Install/Repair
Network Drop Install
Electronic Communications Equipment Repair
Trunked Land Mobile Radio repair
Mass Notification systems repair (Giant Voice/Husky Voice/Falcon Voice)
Projector and Presentation systems repair
Outside and Inside Plant cable install/maintenance and locating
Video Teleconference Center equipment maintenance
Access Control System repair
CCTV maintenance


Phone: (719) 333-4357
Email: 10 CS/CFP

Contract Quality Assurance:
Phone: (719) 333-4199
Email: 10 CS/SCXSQ (QAE)