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Institutional Research Division

The Institutional Research Division serves as the Academy's research team leader; providing studies and analysis services for policy and decision making, coordinating assessment efforts across Academy organizations, managing institutional databases, and providing statistical data for internal and external customers.

Oversight for the division's research activity is provided by the Director of Operations and Research. The division administers the Institutional Review Board, for the protection of human subjects in research. In addition, we support requests from outside the Academy to conduct research on issues of interest to USAFA.


The following reports below are now currently available by contacting the Institutional Research Division:
USAFA Cadet Attrition Shows attrition by reason for men and women for all current class years.
Tri-Service Attrition Shows attrition for all current class years at all Academies.
USAFA Ethnic Group Attrition Shows attrition by ethnic group for all classes.
Projected Cadet Strength Forecasts wing strength, entering class sizes and number of graduates for the next four class years.
Generals USAFA graduates who have attained the rank of General (active duty, Air ForceReserve, Air National Guard, and retired.) Report is alphabetic by rank.
Descriptive Characteristics for New Class Compares high school activity and academic data of the New Class to the three previous classes.

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