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Per DoDI3216.02_AFI40-402, Enclosure 2, 11.c., “Prior to start of an activity that is or may be research involving human subjects, obtain a written determination from an appropriate [Exempt Determination Official] EDO or an [Institutional Review Board] IRB per paragraphs 6.a.(1)(a)1. and 10.d. of this enclosure, and the [Principal Investigator] PI’s [Institutional Official] IO/AIO [Authorized Institutional Official] per paragraph 6.a.(2) of this Enclosure. PIs are not authorized to make such determinations for their own activities.” Any activity that may meet the definition of human subjects research (32CFR219.102) must be submitted (excludes customer satisfaction and post program feedback directed solely at improving activities within the program). Course critiques, Chapel programs usage and satisfaction survey, and NCLS feedback forms are examples of excluded activities. Direct comparison of two different programs might be research and should be submitted for HRPP review.

NOTE: The AF has PROHIBTED AF IRBs from reviewing research that has an IRB determination from another organization; this includes a determination of not human subjects research. If your study has been submitted to any other HRPP or IRB for review, please use the appropriate instructions below.

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