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Welcome to the USAFA Human Research Protection Program (HRPP)


USAFA HRPP is firmly committed to the principles for the protection of human subjects in research expressed in the Code of Nuremberg, the Code of Federal Regulations, the Belmont report, and the associated Department of Defense and Air Force regulations. Read the governing documents.

The USAFA HRPP is not a single office or board, it is a collective effort of all who participate in the conduct, review, and approval of research involving human subjects. The 

USAFA HRRP includes the:

  • Institutional Official (IO) (Superintendent) - the Superintendent is ultimately responsible for Human Subjects Research Protection
  • Authorized Institutional Official (AIO) - the Superintendent has delegated IO duties to the Vice Superintendent
  • Exempt determination Official (EDO) - responsible for determining if activities are exempt or not human subjects research
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) - responsible for the review of all non-exempt research involving human subjects, as well as scientific validity and ethical review
  • Administrative Support Personnel - responsible for facilitating research review and maintaining administrative records
  • investigators - responsible for conducting research involving human subjects that adheres to federal regulations, DoD and AF instruction, USAFA local policies and procedures, and an approved protocol

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Telephone Number, HRPP Administrator
Commercial: 719-333-6593 DSN: 333-6593

Telephone Number, Exemption Determination Official (EDO) for Educationally Exempt Research
Commercial: 719-333-3277 DSN: 333-3277